A Special Caisson - When Ordinary Is Just Not Enough
Shawn T. Foley has been a firefighter in New Bedford since 2000. Shawn also served in the United States Navy Sea Bees, and is a welder by trade. It was the combination of these three things that brought Shawn to fabricate this one-of-a-kind caisson. Following his attendance for the funeral of a veteran, Shawn was left with the feeling that something more should be offered to honor these brave men and women - something that would be unique and would place the emphasis on the flag draped casket.

Through months of research, Shawn decided on a vehicle to transport the veteran as a sign of respect and honor. He decided on a 1980 Peterbilt 10 wheel truck. Shawn knew even as an experienced welder, he had months of preparation and fabrication ahead of him.  The Caisson was rebuilt from the wheels up. Everything about it has either been modified or completely refabricated to accomplish Shawn's vision.

On April 15, 2009, Shawn's dream was realized. From the sparkling chrome, to the diamond plate, to the adjustable suspension, the Caisson was finally completed. This special project is not only available for veterans, but also for firefighters, police officers or civic leaders - people who have answered the “Call of Duty.”

Shawn may be reached 24 hours a day at (774) 849-5772 or (508) 509-0182.

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